How to start jogou
  Modern civilization through the development of science and technology creates the most comfortable conditions for humans. But, at the same time, provokes increasing the rush and desire to have more, which hides total loneliness…


How to practice yoga in the workplace
Many yoga exercises you can do without getting up from his chair After several hours spent hunched over your office computer, your body may begin to feel tense and rigid. And permanent sedentary lifestyle leads…


The benefits of swimming in the pool
Swimming is a unique sport. On the restorative and healing effects that it has on the body, and especially on the heart and muscular system, he has no equal among other types of physical activity.…


Find time for yourself (a set of exercises in the workplace)


If You notice that you gain extra pounds, deteriorated posture, often depressed mood — one — a healthy and active lifestyle. But as always, exercise is no time. But if you wish, you can find anywhere — at a bus stop, and stair transition or even at work it is possible to use every free minute for a simple set of exercises.

Such exercises will benefit not only your figure, but also productivity. Any workout should start with a warm-up. Ideal — to go up and down on two or three floors by stairs. It would be good to do it every two hours. You

immediately “Wake” sleepy from a seated position the circulatory system, and at the same time and peredohnite from the bustle of work. By the way, take breaks in the work prescribes and occupational hygiene.

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Elliptical trainer – the benefits and harms when losing weight

Elliptical machine — indications and contraindications for exercise

The content

Elliptical trainer – one of the best modern exercise equipment, which is at home able to replace the fitness club. It is great for those who have no time for regular exercise outside the home.

Particularly useful will be the elliptical trainer for weight loss. About how to operate this machine, are there any contraindications for its use and

what muscles it uses, and we will tell you in this article.

Miracle exerciser

Elliptical trainer got its name due to the fact that the pedals move in an elliptical projection. This is sort of a hybrid between an exercise bike, stepper and treadmill. It belongs to the category of cardio equipment, classes because it is a kind of simulation runs. But unlike the usual run classes on it have on the body sparing effect. The simulator is equipped with additional features that allow you to control the heart rate and track Continue reading

Sports exercise with prostatitis

Therapeutic exercise — an important part of treatment

One positive effect from exercise?

Systematic physical practice with prostatitis is the most important element of treatment. Physical activities play a significant role along with a therapeutic diet, a variety of physiotherapy, medical and chiropractic treatment.

Comprehensive and systematic implementation of physical education activities prostatitis patients significantly improves circulation in the

whole body and blood circulation in the organs of the urogenital system in particular. In addition, physiotherapy qualitatively affects:

Strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Improving the functioning of the nervous system.

The decrease in the intensity of inflammatory processes.

Increased tone of the whole organism.

Has long been developed and successfully applied for treatment of prostatitis special manuals describing all types of useful exercises. As a rule, most of the recommended Continue reading

Jogging in the morning

Useful if running in the morning?

Of course, you are no one requires exorbitant loads and extraordinary effort. The simplest technique is Jogging. The run time is 20-30 minutes, 3-4 times a week. Also Jogging is a great workout. It is proved that it affects the body’s cardiovascular system, and mental ability.

What results to expect? This run supports in the form of muscles of the legs, helps prevent cellulite and fat burning. After months of training you will be short of breath, you get pleasure from running.

It is better to start the workout with a short warm – this can be any exercise stretching muscles. For beginners you should split the workout into 2 stages: time and distance. The first stage is a slow run. Alternate one minute of walking with a minute of running. Move so 15 minutes the second week, increase the rate to twenty minutes. On the 4th week – half an hour.

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How to choose shoes for winter running.

For those who love Jogging in the fresh air, the onset of winter or a trip to cold country is not a reason to give up favorite activities.

To read the news.

Prevention of flatfoot. How to choose the right shoes

Well-chosen, comfortable shoes are extremely important to stop the normal development of the child.

How to choose a good winter shoes

Signs of quality — soft sole and homogeneity of fur.

Spring baby shoes — how to choose?

Internet-shop of children’s shoes “Antilopini” delivers only high-quality children’s shoes from leading Russian brands.

What is important when choosing children’s shoes

The purpose of footwear is known to all, but about how to choose the right shoes and what material to give preference not everyone Continue reading

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